Solving EM daylight issues

When your sysadmins change the TZ from your Oracle server to adjust daylight, follow the steps here to correct EM hour. By example, in Rio de Janeiro the normal time zone is equivalent to Etc/GMT+3. This solutions works for my production environment without patching anything.

1. Setting TZ environment variable

export TZ

2 – To keep this for future sessions edite yout .bash_profile or .profile

export TZ

3 – Stop the Enterprise Manager console

emctl stop dbconsole

4 – Reset the Time Zone from Enterprise Manager agent

emctl resetTZ agent

5 – Execute the procedure with SYSMAN user

exec mgmt_target.set_agent_tzrgn(‘HOSTNAME:AGENT_PORT’,’Etc/GMT+3′)

6 – Restart agent

emctl start agent

7 – Restart the Enterprise Manager console

emctl start dbconsole

OBS: When these steps don’t work, recreates the EM repository with help of old post here on this blog. And please read the Metalink Note 278100.1 before.

“Thanks Fernando Benayon and Mosan Santos to help-me to write this post”

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