Oracle XE 11gR2

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Já está disponível a versão do Oracle XE 11gR2 para download.

Link para donwload

Versões disponíveis  Windows 32bits e Linux 64bits

Application Development, Language, and Database Features

Feature Availability
SQL*Plus Yes
Integrated Web Application Development Environment Yes (Oracle Application Express, no Application Express application authentication using Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On)
Database Web services No
PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers Yes
PL/SQL server pages Yes
PL/SQL native compilation Yes
JDBC drivers Yes (client-side JDBC only)
Java support in the database No
Java Server Pages No
Java native compilation No
XML support in the database Yes (no JNDI, or Servlet support)
Native .NET data provider supportFoot 1 Yes (Windows only)
ASP.NET Providers Yes (Windows only)
OLE DB support Yes (Windows only)
ODBC support Yes (Windows and UNIX)
.NET Stored Procedures Yes (Windows only)
Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator support Yes (Windows only)
COM Automation No (Windows only)
Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O) No (Windows only)
Windows VLM Support, 4GB RAM Tuning No (Windows only)
Large Page memory support Yes (Windows only)
Active Directory integration Yes (Windows only; no storing of tnsnsames.ora file in Active Directory)
DML triggers Yes
Database event triggers Yes
Instead-of triggers Yes
Index-organized tables Yes
Temporary table Yes
Data Compression No
Objects and Extensibility Yes
LOB (large object) support Yes
Oracle Text Yes (English/French Knowledge Bases not supplied, nor are the following features: RULE_CLASSIFIER, SVM_CLASSIFIER, and KMEAN_CLUSTERING)
Oracle Locator Yes
Function-based index Yes
Bitmapped index, bitmapped join index No
Regular Expressions Yes
Sample Scan Yes
SQL Model Yes
SQL Analytic functions Yes
Summary Management No
Materialized View Query Rewrite No
Star query transformation Yes (B-tree indexes only)
Parallel query/DML No
Parallel statistics gathering No
Parallel index build/scans No
Parallel export/import No
Globalization support Yes (limited character sets and language translations; see Oracle Database Express Edition Installation Guide)
Multiple block size support Yes

Availability/Backup and Recovery Features

Feature Availability
Drop column Yes
Rename column, constraint Yes
Online schema reorganization/redefinition No
Flashback Query Yes
Flashback Table No
Flashback Database No
Flashback Transaction Query No
Server-managed backup and recovery No
Online Backup Yes
Backup Unused Block Compression No
Backup Encryption No
Incremental backup and recovery Yes (no change tracking file or optimized incremental backup capability)
Duplexed backup sets No
Fast-Start Selectable Recovery Time No
Block-level media recovery No
Parallel backup and recovery No
Point-in-time tablespace recovery No
Trial recovery No
Rolling Upgrade Support – Patch Set, Database and O/S No
Oracle Logminer Yes

Security Features

Feature Availability
Encryption toolkit Yes
Virtual Private Database No
Fine grained auditing No

Manageability Features

Feature Availability
Automatic Storage Management No
Automatic Datafile Management Yes
Automatic Memory Management Yes
Automatic Undo Management Yes
Automatic Optimizer Statistics Management Yes
Server-generated Alerts Yes
Database Resource Manager No

Data Movement/Integration Features

Feature Availability
Direct Path Load API Yes
External tables Yes
External procedures Yes
Synchronous Change Data Capture No
Asynchronous Change Data Capture No
Transportable tablespaces, including cross-platform No
Advanced Queuing Yes
Basic Replication Yes (read-only and updateable materialized view site only)
Advanced Replication No
Distributed queries Yes
Distributed transactions Yes
Transparent Gateways No
Generic connectivity Yes

Networking Features

Feature Availability
Directory connectivity No

Para limites e maiores informações consultem a documentação oficial completa no link:

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