Managing Oracle 10g R2 Clusterware Services (CRS) on Linux or Unix env.

On the Clusterware 10g R2 (10.2.0) was introduced a powerful tool called “crsctl”,
this important script must be used by “root” user and allow (start/stop/enable/disable/check).
The CRS daemon starts automatically when on node managed by Clusteware comes up. This behavior can be changed by using enable and disables arguments. The arguments “start” and “stop” are useful for planned outages like patches and upgrades.

The complete options to crsctl script:

Usage: crsctl check crs – checks the viability of the CRS stack
crsctl check cssd – checks the viability of CSS
crsctl check crsd – checks the viability of CRS
crsctl check evmd – checks the viability of EVM
crsctl set css – sets a parameter override
crsctl get css – gets the value of a CSS parameter
crsctl unset css – sets CSS parameter to its default
crsctl query css votedisk – lists the voting disks used by CSS
crsctl add css votedisk – adds a new voting disk
crsctl delete css votedisk – removes a voting disk
crsctl enable crs – enables startup for all CRS daemons
crsctl disable crs – disables startup for all CRS daemons
crsctl start crs – starts all CRS daemons.
crsctl stop crs – stops all CRS daemons. Stops CRS resources in case of cluster.
crsctl start resources – starts CRS resources.
crsctl stop resources – stops CRS resources.
crsctl debug statedump evm – dumps state info for evm objects
crsctl debug statedump crs – dumps state info for crs objects
crsctl debug statedump css – dumps state info for css objects
crsctl debug log css [module:level]{,module:level} …
– Turns on debugging for CSS
crsctl debug trace css – dumps CSS in-memory tracing cache
crsctl debug log crs [module:level]{,module:level} …
– Turns on debugging for CRS
crsctl debug trace crs – dumps CRS in-memory tracing cache
crsctl debug log evm [module:level]{,module:level} …
– Turns on debugging for EVM
crsctl debug trace evm – dumps EVM in-memory tracing cache
crsctl debug log res turns on debugging for resources
crsctl query crs softwareversion [] – lists the version of CRS software installed
crsctl query crs activeversion – lists the CRS software operating version
crsctl lsmodules css – lists the CSS modules that can be used for debugging
crsctl lsmodules crs – lists the CRS modules that can be used for debugging
crsctl lsmodules evm – lists the EVM modules that can be used for debugging

If necesary any of these commands can be run with additional tracing by
adding a “trace” argument at the very front.
Example: crsctl trace check css

For more info about CRS please check

If CRS daemon is not running and you want add a Voting Disk by example you can use the command bellow :

crstl add css voting disk /dev/raw/raw7 -force

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